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This unparalleled work will be of substantial value to collectors and others interested in Judaica. It deserves a place in Judaica reference collections.

                         -  Association of Jewish Libraries  Newsletter, November 2007

You have created something of permanent value about our spirit and history...    

                         -  Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, October 2008

This is the first major work to focus on the history of early Israel, from the 1930's through 1960's through the beautiful images created lovingly by pioneer artists and craftsmen. From the first waves of immigrants, through the Holocaust and early days, to the blooming of a free democratic state, the book inspires and awes.

                         -  Photoshop Roadmap, 2008

This is beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring work.

                         -  Daniel Gordis, prominent author and speaker, March 2008

Offers a fascinating three-dimensional view of the State of Israel... warm teachings and historically vibrant tales are woven among the rich photography, creating an unusually engrossing tribute to the menorah and its enduring legacy as a symbol of hope, belief, and freedom.

                         -  North Shore Magazine, Chicago, Illinois, December 2006

... book is phenomenal.  It is truly a special and important work... really exceeds my expectations. It's a beautiful and very substantial work with photos of hundreds of early Israeli Hanukkah menorahs...   It is very astonishing how many distinct designs were created during those years (ranging from kitsch to true works of art...) The book does so well to document the whole range of pieces, and puts everything into historical context. I'm very impressed. It's certainly the most comprehensive resource on early Israeli Hanukkah menorahs to date. 

                         -  Eric Ascalon (grandson of Pal-Bell founder click here: Pal-Bell and here), December 2006

...historical information and inspirational stories...

                          -  New Jersey Jewish Standard, December 2006

...extremely beautiful book. 

                         -  Rabbi Steven S. Mason, October 2008

I belong to a huge group of people to whom early Israel was denied by virtue of birth. Some were born too late to see it grow and mature. In my case, growing up in the Soviet Union, Israel was a taboo, a forbidden world. 
Lighting Way To Freedom became a powerful source of knowledge and validation of my awakened interest in the pioneer days and first three decades of the Jewish State. Far from being a mere reference source, it introduced me to the previously unheard voices of artisans and designers, to their successes and failures. 
This painstakingly restored universe was a visual map of major metal design efforts in the deciding decades of the survival of Jewish Palestine and Israel's existence. The book began as a labor of love for the beauty and power of  individual creations. In reality, it became a celebration of the very source of Jewish spiritual and creative light...

                         -  Boris Gorbis, Esq., Los Angeles,  A major Israeliana collector, June 2009

What you have done is both impressive and important.

                         -  A major Judaica collector, Israel, March 2008

Elegant new book illustrates the lights of freedom... beautiful...

                         -  Jewish Herald-Voice, Houston, Texas, December 2006


Reader email comments

Magnificent... Allows me to better understand the scope of menorah design, as well as history... Thanks so much for sharing the images of the beautiful collection...

                         -  Dallas, Texas , April 2007

I am a French painter, and Hanukkah always interested me. I bought your beautiful book... 

                         -  France, February 2007

I just wanted to let you know that collectors and dealers now use your book as a catalog...

                         -  Israel, January 2007

Even though I am not a collector, I enjoyed very much your delightful and gorgeous book, and it will remain a precious addition to my library...     

                         -  Israel, January 2007

Great!!!!!!! collection...

                         -  December 2006

Beautiful book!! I just bought one...

                         -  October  2007

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